‘Firesites’ Set to Release Debut Album Next Thursday.

Local artist ‘Firesites’ Set to Release His ‘Absolute Stunner’ Debut Album Next Thursday.

By Josephine Canham

Next Thursday, the 19th of November, local North East artist, Tom Waterworth, better known under the project name of ‘Firesites’ will be releasing his debut Album titled: ‘The Sun’.

The album will feature ten tracks that draw on themes of the dystopian genre, all pulling from a wide range of influences such as, pop, rock and synth. ‘The Sun’ will be released on all major digital download and streaming platforms.

When discussing details of what the album has to offer, Tom Waterworth explains: “So it’s in this dystopian setting where these two people are trying to get away from something, like a sanctuary, and they’re trying to get outside of it to find the sun. […] a symbol for getting away from these things in real life.”

Waterworth has also stated that the album will contain a range of musical elements such as: “radio friendly pop music […] heavier rock stuff and then some really glitchy electronic stuff.”

The release of this album will follow a very busy October for ‘Firesites’, which saw the release of four singles and two music videos. This includes early releases from the upcoming album, such as the two tracks, ‘Chemicals’ -described as “an absolute stunner” by NE Volume and ‘Passengers’. Both of these are available now on Spotify. You can view the recently released music video for ‘Chemicals’ below:

Following the current national lockdown, in order to successfully take ‘Firesites’ to the stage, Waterworth will be teaming up with fellow musician, Sean Williams to create a show combining the use of live-electronics and conventional band performance elements.

Firesites have also released their four track EP, ‘Transistor EP’ in October of last year which is available on Spotify for listening.

By Josephine Canham

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