EP Review: Butterjunk with ‘Normalised EP’

On the 25th of January 2021 , Newcastle three-piece, Butterjunk, released their passionately atmospheric debut EP, titled: ‘Normalised EP’. This North east based trio have been rooting themselves and developing their sound within a diverse range of styles and culture from alternative rock, dream, gaze and lo-fi since meeting one another at Newcastle university. Butterjunk, consistingContinue reading “EP Review: Butterjunk with ‘Normalised EP’”

Single Review: Fossway with ‘Live in the Fire’

On the 27th of October 2020, North East based alternative rock three-piece, Fossway, released their latest single, ‘Live in the Fire’. This single follows on from the success of their previous releases, the earlier 2020 single, ‘Grey Cloud’ and their immense 2019 debut EP release, ‘Bravest of the pride’. As a band which takes influenceContinue reading “Single Review: Fossway with ‘Live in the Fire’”

Single Review: Don Coyote With the New Years Gift of their latest release, ‘Don Quixote’.

Newcastle based trio, Don Coyote released their third ever single ‘Don Quixote’ this News years day. This single comes as a taster for what lies ahead for the Newcastle trio, as its been released as part of their upcoming debut EP which will fall under the quirky title of ‘Don Quixote’s Tinder Profile’. This muchContinue reading “Single Review: Don Coyote With the New Years Gift of their latest release, ‘Don Quixote’.”

A Review: Local North East Three-piece Cat Ryan With Their Recent Single, ‘Mary Shelley Song’.

Mary Shelley song, released on the 25th of November 2020, comes as Cat Ryan’s third release this year. This unique and fascinating track highlights the extent of originality and talent this North East three piece have mastered to continue to elevate themselves higher and higher amongst the local music scene’s finest. ‘Mary Shelley Song’ emanatesContinue reading “A Review: Local North East Three-piece Cat Ryan With Their Recent Single, ‘Mary Shelley Song’.”

A Review: Sophia with her recent single, ‘Skin’.

On the 27th of November 2020, North East artist Sophia, released her chilling pop single, ‘Skin’ and its nothing but a signifier of the future success in store for this rising artist. Sophia has been developing and finessing her sound over the last year, creating her own personal impression on the North East music sceneContinue reading “A Review: Sophia with her recent single, ‘Skin’.”

A Review: Cortney Dixon with her Latest EP.

Newcastle based artist, Cortney Dixon released ‘Our Intuition’, her second EP this year, on the 20th of November. This Ep is the second EP that the skilled vocalist and guitarist has graced us with his year. It is a combination of pre-release and completely unheard tunes, and it comes after a busy lockdown for Dixon,Continue reading “A Review: Cortney Dixon with her Latest EP.”

Q&A With Patrick Gosling

Singer Songwriter, Patrick Gosling, released his latest single, ‘Peachy’, on the 13th of November. This single follows a busy year of releases for Gosling that have attracted attention from significant players in the world of emerging artists, such as BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing. This has seen Gosling rise successfully to become an eminentContinue reading “Q&A With Patrick Gosling”

A Review: Envy Motel With Their Upcoming Single ‘Trendsetter’.

Envy Motel are set to release their upcoming single, “Trendsetter” this Friday, the 20th of November accompanied with the release of their first ever lyric video on YouTube. After getting exclusive access to this track ahead of its release I can confirm that Indie Rock lovers of the North East should be waiting in anticipationContinue reading “A Review: Envy Motel With Their Upcoming Single ‘Trendsetter’.”

Single Review: Plastic Glass with, ‘Going Away’

On the 6th of November, Sunderland four piece, Plastic Glass, released their new single, ‘Going Away’, and now they have the video to go with it. By Josephine Canham This North East Indie Rock band have established themselves with great success and recognition from the live music scene over the past few years. They areContinue reading “Single Review: Plastic Glass with, ‘Going Away’”

Lanterns on the lake: Live from the Sage Gateshead

On Saturday night, North East and mercury prize nominated band, Lanterns on the Lake, took to the stage at the Sage Gateshead to perform this year’s first and only live version of their latest album, ‘Spook the Heard’. With plans for the show originally to be performed to a safe, socially distanced audience disrupted byContinue reading “Lanterns on the lake: Live from the Sage Gateshead”