A Review: Local North East Three-piece Cat Ryan With Their Recent Single, ‘Mary Shelley Song’.

Cat Ryan have a unique and original style that only the truly talented can carry with success.

Mary Shelley song, released on the 25th of November 2020, comes as Cat Ryan’s third release this year. This unique and fascinating track highlights the extent of originality and talent this North East three piece have mastered to continue to elevate themselves higher and higher amongst the local music scene’s finest.

‘Mary Shelley Song’ emanates a certain groove only to be achieved by the wonderful blend of catchy yet jerky riffs, detached vocals and range of tonalities. This is displayed in both the unique lyrical content and array of genre experimentation that creates an unexpectedly perfect melting pot of sounds and styles.

The extent of such experimentation could be argued as too risky for emerging artists, however with Cat Ryan their proven talent, developed continuously since forming in 2017, has evidently granted them the ability to pull off this risk with all the benefits of vivacity and excitement that come with it. This process can be successfully exemplified by other acclaimed and similar artists in the alternative rock and Indie scene such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Wolf Alice.

When discussing the creative process and story making elements of this track, lead singer Mary-Anne Murphey stated that: “[…]despite the title, it’s only the first verse that’s about Mary Shelley. Lyrically it’s quite random, having been inspired by a variety of memories stemming from my time at college studying for my A-Levels.”

This process described by Murphey can clearly be credited to the immense sense of nostalgia this track creates. Whilst Discussing an array personal, disjointed and seemingly random memories, we as the listener are still able to detect the key themes that this track conveys of sentimentality and the range of emotions that often come with it, highlighting lyrical craftmanship and an effortless display of musical ability that can often seem forced in bands at such an early stage of their career.

I look forward to seeing where this band takes themselves into the future, both with their artistic direction and their navigation through the North East music scene and beyond. Hopefully to be one of the key players of the alternative rock, indie and pop spheres.

By Josephine Canham.

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I'm a journalist studying at Newcastle University, based in the cities cultural hub of Ouseburn, with a passion for all things music.

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