Single Review: Don Coyote With the New Years Gift of their latest release, ‘Don Quixote’.

A review of Newcastle based trio, Don Coyote and their third ever released single: ‘Don Quixote’.

Photo credits to Philipa Popay

Newcastle based trio, Don Coyote released their third ever single ‘Don Quixote’ this News years day. This single comes as a taster for what lies ahead for the Newcastle trio, as its been released as part of their upcoming debut EP which will fall under the quirky title of ‘Don Quixote’s Tinder Profile’. This much anticipated EP is set to be released in the upcoming Spring. However Don Coyote fans will have to make do for now with this latest release, a task which should be no challenge for a track filled with such versatility, excitement and range.

The band consists of Aidan O’Doherty (drums), Charlie Winn-Davidson (Bass), and Sam Wildsmith (vocals/guitar). Meeting in primary school, Charlie and Aidan have shared their mutual passion for music throughout most of their lives, however it was through Charlie’s teacher training course that the primary school ‘pals were introduced to lead singer Sam, it was from here that Don Coyote transpired.

“The song is all about living your own life, not letting the man get you down and not just towing the societal line.”

-Don coyote

This trio of jazz-funk indie rockers have been gaining support across the local music scene over the last year, with their previous singles of 2020 featuring on the likes of local station, Nova Radio and in playlists curated by the likes of record label, Northern Music Collective. With ‘Don Quixote’ this support is sure to develop further into greater success as we embark into the new and freshly hopeful year of 2021.

When speaking with Northern Noise about the meaning behind the lyrical contents of this latest release, drummer Aidan stated: “The song is all about living your own life, not letting the man get you down and not just towing the societal line.”

‘Don Quixote’ is a track filled with exciting takes on traditional sounds of funk, rock and Indie. From the signature Don Coyote groovy guitar riffs running throughout to the experimental and punchy percussion, this track is sure to get a crowd moving.

Underpinned with consistently impressive basslines and a layered curation of strong vocal elements, ‘Don Quixote’ is song that displays a sense of completeness and fullness that is not easily achieved by bands at such an early stage of their career. The seamless and gradual transition from low to high energy that takes place in the latter half of the song transforms this track to a definitive pulse raiser and defines Don Coyote as a band of intention and clear artistic direction.

Further discussing what the release of this single means to the band, Aidan continued to state that: “It was quite a defining moment in the formation of the band when we wrote this song, we feel it helped us gain our identity and even influenced our name!”

Don Coyote have successfully displayed an impressive level of creativity with the majority of the song being recorded from the bedroom of lead singer, Sam and the drums being recorded at Motorhouse studios in Sunderland. It is clear this band are moving towards being a fully established member of the North Easts local music scene despite their debut headline gig being cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, with this latest release, Don Coyote are moving forward with positivity and promise, creating great anticipation for this band to continue progressing and producing great music.

By Josephine Canham

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