Single Review: Fossway with ‘Live in the Fire’

On the 27th of October 2020, North East based alternative rock three-piece, Fossway, released their latest single, ‘Live in the Fire’. This single follows on from the success of their previous releases, the earlier 2020 single, ‘Grey Cloud’ and their immense 2019 debut EP release, ‘Bravest of the pride’. As a band which takes influenceContinue reading “Single Review: Fossway with ‘Live in the Fire’”

A Review: Envy Motel With Their Upcoming Single ‘Trendsetter’.

Envy Motel are set to release their upcoming single, “Trendsetter” this Friday, the 20th of November accompanied with the release of their first ever lyric video on YouTube. After getting exclusive access to this track ahead of its release I can confirm that Indie Rock lovers of the North East should be waiting in anticipationContinue reading “A Review: Envy Motel With Their Upcoming Single ‘Trendsetter’.”