Q&A With Patrick Gosling

A Q&A With Patrick Gosling, in Light of His Recent Single, ‘Peachy’

Singer Songwriter, Patrick Gosling, released his latest single, ‘Peachy’, on the 13th of November. This single follows a busy year of releases for Gosling that have attracted attention from significant players in the world of emerging artists, such as BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing. This has seen Gosling rise successfully to become an eminent figure in the North East music scene.

‘Peachy’ is the fourth track Gosling has released as a solo artist since being the frontman for local band, Far Pacific. Since his former bands hiatus, Gosling has been working on his solo career.

This single is a single that is filled with positive vibes, brilliant lyrics and wonderful alternative, indie-rock tonalities. Alongside the single release, came a brand new music vide for ‘Peachy’ which oozes with personality and ambience and you can find this at the bottom of this article. Continue reading to see and hear Patrick Gosling discuss his latest release and more.

Question 1 :

Firstly, how have you found creating and releasing new music amid the pandemic, has your process been affected at all?

Question 2:

What does this track in particular mean to you, from a lyrical and general point of view?

Question 3:

You announced today that ‘Peachy’ is going to be played on BBC introducing North East, how are you feeling about this?

Question 4:

The recently released music video for ‘Peachy’ has a really lovely and personal feel to it, much like the track itself, can you describe the process of creating this video.

Question 5:

Peachy is your 4th release as a solo artist and 4th release this year, why has this year been the year you’ve decided to go down the solo artist path when it comes to your music?

Question 6:

And finally, do you have any future plans from a performance point of view, perhaps live streams or gigs again once Lockdown is over?

By Josephine Canham

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