A Review: Cortney Dixon with her Latest EP.

A Review: Cortney Dixon with her Latest EP- ‘Our Intuition’.

Newcastle based artist, Cortney Dixon released ‘Our Intuition’, her second EP this year, on the 20th of November. This Ep is the second EP that the skilled vocalist and guitarist has graced us with his year. It is a combination of pre-release and completely unheard tunes, and it comes after a busy lockdown for Dixon, from performing at online gigs and vlogging to the unveiling of an enumeration of brilliant, high quality works.

‘Our Intuition’ begins with the tracks ‘Summers eyes’ and ‘Nobody knows’, an impactful opening that portrays from the onset the genres and themes that Dixon plays with throughout the EP as a whole, creating an unexpected yet delightful sound akin to the unexplored middle ground between lullaby and retro pop.

When speaking with ‘NARC Magazine’, Dixon has described the themes of the EP to be:“ […]unmet expectations, the importance of talking to friends and family about mental health, getting sucked into bad lifestyle choices and exploring the idea of receiving the gift of endless life and wondering at what point would it get boring?”

These personal and reflective themes, intertwined with the futuristic and science fiction, contribute to the truly Unique sound Dixon has created with this EP.

 The Ep continues with the illusively diaphanous and slower track, ‘half My heart’. The track is filled with expressive vocals ranging from haunting whispers to crisp clean notes, creating an atmospheric effect that permeates the entirety of the Ep. This slower track that comes between higher frequency and alternative pop pieces, provides a point of reflection, an early breathing point in the EP and sets up a pattern of undulating currents of tranquillity and contrasting energy that really contributes to the success of this piece of work. This is seen moving forward in the album with the upbeat dance track, ‘What You Wanna Do’ and the following stripped back, emotive and highly personal tracks ‘Parliament of Owls’ and ‘Freddie’.

Through the distinctive combination of layering and progressing  futuristic and traditional sounds, Dixon emulates similarities to a range of artists, such as the more modern, Glass Animals, Lapsley and Alt-j and then to the timeless classics of Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac, previously disclosed musical influences for Dixon. This places her in an individualistic and interesting place as an artist, set for her career to progress into one of opportunity and success.

One of the tracks that features on the EP.

Dixon is set to have an equally busy 2021 and it has been suggested that her upcoming
work will be taking a slightly different direction, leaving much anticipation for the
ever growing demographic of Cortney Dixon Fans in the North East and further afar.

By Josephine Canham

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