EP Review: Butterjunk with ‘Normalised EP’

Butterjunk’s debut EP: ‘Normalised EP’ is sure to propel this local trio into a flurry of post pandemic success.

On the 25th of January 2021 , Newcastle three-piece, Butterjunk, released their passionately atmospheric debut EP, titled: ‘Normalised EP’. This North east based trio have been rooting themselves and developing their sound within a diverse range of styles and culture from alternative rock, dream, gaze and lo-fi since meeting one another at Newcastle university.

Butterjunk, consisting of Ben Ayres (Guitar & Vocals), Jack Turver (Drums), and Callum Ward (Guitar) have been gaining increasing popularity with their previously released singles spanning over the years from 2018 to present and now with the release of this wonderfully emotive EP. With plays of the EP’s opening  track “Little Alien” on local station, ‘Amazing Radio’ and featuring on sites such as ‘Fresh on the Net’ Butterjunk have set themselves up nicely on a path to success.

‘Normalised EP’ draws on distinguishable themes and inspiration from the artistically characterised decades such as the synth heavy 80’s and the indie pop of the 90’s.  Whilst the EP features these perfectly subtle artistic traces from styles of past decades, Butterjunk have created a piece that exudes a sense of exciting modernity with homage to those feelings of sentimentality. This combination of sounds that listeners of such genres are likely to continually crave and appreciate is all the more likely to be met with praise and success since its creation is coming from a grassroots local band and not from the mainstream.

This is seen through implementing their own unique sound and passion for storytelling, not just lyrically but through the dynamics of songs, whether it be the slow burners, moody layering or crashing crescendos, all working symphonically within the genres of their inspiration to produce this four track EP of harmony.

Normalised EP is a reverb heavy and creative piece, filled with an essence of chilled Euphoria lending itself perfectly to be played in any situation where the mind may be craving a place of tranquillity.

By Josephine Canham

Sunderland favourite, ‘Independent’ embrace Independent venue week 2021 celebrations with a schedule of live shows that begin tonight.

How Sunderland Favourite, ‘Independent’ are embracing Independent Venue Week with full force.

This week, the 25th- 31st of January 2021, is Independent venue week, the annual week that celebrates all that the much loved independent venues from every corner of the country have to offer, whilst giving a deserving nod of appreciation to all who work, run, perform and visit these local and valued hubs of the grassroot music industry .

To celebrate Independent week 2021, aptly named Sunderland venue, Independent, are putting on a series of shows starting tonight at 7PM, the 28th of January, running through till Sunday the 31st of January. Each show will take place on the Independent’s Facebook page at 7PM.

Whilst in previous years the Independent have focused their week on live performances, featuring impressive gigs from the likes of Pigsx7 and Pale White, this year they are placing local artists and familiar faces from the heart and soul of the North East music scene central to the spotlight of the week.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Independent venue week is more important than ever, due to many of the places the week celebrates having faced a multitude of difficulties along with the artists that have repeatedly filled their stages with love and support. This is why Independent’s localised approach that’s shining a light on the familiar faces that keep venues such as itself going, is more than ever significant and worthy of support.

Tonight, Thursday the 28th of January, the schedule of shows begins with a performance from Patrick Gosling, an artist Northern Noise has previously interviewed in light of his 2020 single release, ‘Peachy’. Gosling is a familiar face to the Independent, performing many a shows with his previous band Far Pacific, and now embarking on his solo career that has been highlighted with an array of successful single releases. His performance tonight is set to feature his debut single ‘Always Ready’ alongside an exclusive rendition of an unreleased track. For the lovers of up-beat and heartfelt Indie, tonight’s gig is the one for you!

Friday’s Gig will see a performance from the youthful, up and coming singer-song-writer Lottie Willis. Willis has been accumulating recognition over the past 18 months amongst the Sunderland Scene, playing a few prior gigs at Independent and now gaining attention from the wider North East scene, featuring on the likes BBC Introducing North East. Willis will be performing a mixture of released and unreleased tracks. This talented vocalist and pianist offers a stripped and soulful experience, and will offer a much needed moment of relaxation for those of stuck indoors itching to get back to live music normality.

Capturing the true Saturday night spirit, Saturday’s Gig features the Up-beat, pop and R&B duo, Badmind. This duo are growing in popularity and recognition by the day, coming as one of BBC Introducing NE’s tips for 2021 and accumulating a mass of over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. Badmind will be performing their much loved track, ‘Heartless’ as well as their effortlessly catchy new release ‘100 Roses’. For those of who would normally be spending 7PM on Saturday preparing for the night out ahead, Independents Facebook page will be the new place to be. Grab a drink, have a dance, and we can all pretend its 2019.

Concluding this weekend of stellar performances from the Independent comes Sunderland punk-rockers, ‘Dead Wet Things’. This group of local lads filled to the brim with gritty attitude are sure to bring an interesting performance of fast pace and cascading relentless energy. Set to be performing unreleased tracks such as ‘Dear Chloe Ferry’ (Which I can only imagine to be nothing but a hoot) and ‘Man Time’, Sunday evening will be fitting conclusion to a series of gigs you will not want to miss.

All the performances will be filmed and edited by Motorhouse Studios, with lighting by Wright Lights.

By Josephine Canham.

How is the Coronavirus Pandemic Changing the Landscape of the Local Live Music Scene?

Are Livestreamed gigs here to stay?

How the Coronavirus Pandemic is changing the Landscape of the Local Live Music Scene.

The comforting hum of a sound system you can feel from your head to your tapping toes. The spilt drink apologies and sticky floors. The stomping, singing, and shouting in a darkened room filled with perspired emotion. The faded memory of the drunken embrace with strangers you only just met, knowing they’re here for the same reason you are – music. These beloved memories of intimacy from the local live music scene came to a sudden halt in March of last year when crowds dispersed, voices lowered, and venues emptied.

This phenomenon now known as ‘Lockdown’ that was once was felt to be unknown and alien, could now be considered the mundane, as we head towards the third week of national lockdown number three and the anniversary of the first. From these barren dancefloors and artists suddenly without an audience, the concept of a livestreamed gig, a virtual performance streamed via the internet to audiences at home, grew in an effort to thaw the frozen state that the local music scene suddenly found itself in. The question is, have Livestreamed gigs rooted themselves deep enough to remain a part of the live music scene in a future beyond Covid-19 restrictions?

Lockdowns, tier systems and other forms of restrictions have impacted the North East music scene in a multitude of ways. Much loved independent music venues across the region have had to adapt continuously to the ongoing tidal waves of change they have encountered over the last year. For example, Ouseburn favourite, The Cluny, underwent mass rescheduling and cancelling of a series of arranged socially distanced in-person gigs featuring an array of local talent ,in light of the November lockdown which was announced on the 31st of October.

Fellow grassroot music venue, Little Buildings, had partnered with Tyne Bank Brewery, in an effort to expand their capacity for social distancing, to host a similar series of shows which despite some going ahead encountered a fate alike to that of The Cluny’s. Discussing this series of shows on a personal Facebook live stream on the 8th of January, Little Buildings owner, Allan Scorer stated: “It was about getting people back to work, hearing the amazing things people had been creating whilst they had been told to stay indoors”. Allan continued to discuss where the venue stood currently in terms of gig arrangements saying, “we can’t gage anything, rebook or reschedule, so we’re just going to have to wait till we hear something solid”, referring here to government announcements regarding a change of restrictions.

Although not serving primarily as a music venue, Tyne Bar, a place typically renowned for its free live music has shown no sign of resuming this tradition since there has been no live music here from as far back as the first national lockdown in March 2020.

The closed Stage and seating area for live music at Tyne Bar. Photos by Josephine Canham

Whilst some venues such as the aforementioned have chosen the socially distanced in-person gig approach to getting live music back on its feet, others such as, The Globe, Sunderland’s Independent, and Motorhouse Studios  have endeavoured down the path of live streamed gigs and events. Evidence suggests that this may not just be a local occurrence as according to data from Google Trends, search and interest rates in the UK for the terms ‘online concert’ and ‘livestream concert’ have soared in comparison to the last five years since the beginning of 2020, with peaks in the months where the country had just entered national lockdowns.

See below for graphs taken from google trends highlighting the data mentioned above.

Motorhouse studios has been a key player at the forefront of the North East’s Livestreamed gigs, providing a package of promotion, venue, sound engineering and camera crew for all performances that they arrange. When discussing how and why this came to be, Jack Wade co-owner of the studio with Jordan Miller, stated that, “When march hit, we knew we’d have to adapt the business, we invested in new equipment to change our main studio room into a multi-functional live video/streaming production studio.” When asked further about the future place for the livestreamed event, Wade continued with, “We have had an amazing response so far from both artists and audiences, we think that livestreams are here to stay, especially with the new Brexit laws making it harder for smaller artists to travel to Europe, there’s a demand now that we don’t think is going to change anytime soon.”

One of the bands that have been a part of the shows put on by Motorhouse Studios is Sunderland based four-piece, Plastic Glass. When discussing the bands experience with livestream gigs since the beginning of the pandemic, Ben Richardson (above/left), member of Plastic Glass stated: “We’d never thought about it before, we saw it being done by others so when Jack and Jordan at Motorhouse asked us to get involved, the quality was so good we couldn’t say no.”

When asked about how the new format of performance, livestreams, compares to the pre-pandemic in-person performances, Richardson responded stated that: “I honestly don’t think they compare, livestreams have been good through the pandemic and they certainly have a place in the future, perhaps for fans that have missed out on tickets, but for us (Plastic Glass) and I’m sure for most people, all we want is real life live gigs back.”

By Josephine Canham

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Single Review: Fossway with ‘Live in the Fire’

Introducing Fossway and their latest release: ‘Live in the Fire’.

On the 27th of October 2020, North East based alternative rock three-piece, Fossway, released their latest single, ‘Live in the Fire’. This single follows on from the success of their previous releases, the earlier 2020 single, ‘Grey Cloud’ and their immense 2019 debut EP release, ‘Bravest of the pride’.

As a band which takes influence from a select of the rock greats such as Muse and queen, Fossway are stating with this latest release an ambition and ability to create their own version of the rock and roll genre. Pulling sounds from all corners of the category, from old to new, progressive to alternative, its entirely refreshing to see a local and emerging rock piece not confine themselves into a stereotype of sound or subgroup.

‘Live in the Fire’ is a track that showcases a extensive degree of musicianship and creativity, effortlessly blending the typically classic high energy and low energy elements, moods, and intricacies of rock to form one cohesive piece. With this track, Fossway’s ability to create an impressive and unique sound is equally matched by with an ability to create raw, heartfelt and explosive lyrics, carried wonderfully with distinctively talented vocals. Where Fossways lyrics often contain societal and politically reflective meanings, ‘Live in the Fire’ portrays more personally reflective inspirations.

“I wanted to encapsulate our journey as a band through hyperbole. The burning desire to play shows in front of live audiences and travelling to different cities”

John Lennox- Lyricist and bassist for Fossway

When discussing the inspiration behind the song, lyricist and bassist of the band, John Lennox explains: “lyrically, I wanted to encapsulate our journey as a band through hyperbole. The burning desire to play shows in front of live audiences and travelling to different cities”

‘Live in the Fire’ by Fossway

This latest release is sure to set Fossway to follow a similar path and trajectory to the fellow North Eastern success story of post-punk and rock band, Pigsx7. After already establishing themselves with a successful live performance history, playing sold out gigs and festivals such as Lindisfarne, Hook & Gun and Long Division, this band have created nothing but anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead of them as more opportunities are set arise again in the coming year.

By Josephine Canham

Single Review: Don Coyote With the New Years Gift of their latest release, ‘Don Quixote’.

A review of Newcastle based trio, Don Coyote and their third ever released single: ‘Don Quixote’.

Photo credits to Philipa Popay

Newcastle based trio, Don Coyote released their third ever single ‘Don Quixote’ this News years day. This single comes as a taster for what lies ahead for the Newcastle trio, as its been released as part of their upcoming debut EP which will fall under the quirky title of ‘Don Quixote’s Tinder Profile’. This much anticipated EP is set to be released in the upcoming Spring. However Don Coyote fans will have to make do for now with this latest release, a task which should be no challenge for a track filled with such versatility, excitement and range.

The band consists of Aidan O’Doherty (drums), Charlie Winn-Davidson (Bass), and Sam Wildsmith (vocals/guitar). Meeting in primary school, Charlie and Aidan have shared their mutual passion for music throughout most of their lives, however it was through Charlie’s teacher training course that the primary school ‘pals were introduced to lead singer Sam, it was from here that Don Coyote transpired.

“The song is all about living your own life, not letting the man get you down and not just towing the societal line.”

-Don coyote

This trio of jazz-funk indie rockers have been gaining support across the local music scene over the last year, with their previous singles of 2020 featuring on the likes of local station, Nova Radio and in playlists curated by the likes of record label, Northern Music Collective. With ‘Don Quixote’ this support is sure to develop further into greater success as we embark into the new and freshly hopeful year of 2021.

When speaking with Northern Noise about the meaning behind the lyrical contents of this latest release, drummer Aidan stated: “The song is all about living your own life, not letting the man get you down and not just towing the societal line.”

‘Don Quixote’ is a track filled with exciting takes on traditional sounds of funk, rock and Indie. From the signature Don Coyote groovy guitar riffs running throughout to the experimental and punchy percussion, this track is sure to get a crowd moving.

Underpinned with consistently impressive basslines and a layered curation of strong vocal elements, ‘Don Quixote’ is song that displays a sense of completeness and fullness that is not easily achieved by bands at such an early stage of their career. The seamless and gradual transition from low to high energy that takes place in the latter half of the song transforms this track to a definitive pulse raiser and defines Don Coyote as a band of intention and clear artistic direction.

Further discussing what the release of this single means to the band, Aidan continued to state that: “It was quite a defining moment in the formation of the band when we wrote this song, we feel it helped us gain our identity and even influenced our name!”

Don Coyote have successfully displayed an impressive level of creativity with the majority of the song being recorded from the bedroom of lead singer, Sam and the drums being recorded at Motorhouse studios in Sunderland. It is clear this band are moving towards being a fully established member of the North Easts local music scene despite their debut headline gig being cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, with this latest release, Don Coyote are moving forward with positivity and promise, creating great anticipation for this band to continue progressing and producing great music.

By Josephine Canham

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Film ‘North East Noise: A Rock ‘n Roll Road Movie with Clippah’ To be Digitally Premiering on the 21st of December.

Award winning filmmaker, Alex Ayre is set to release his second feature length film following the lives of Northumberland band, Clippah and all the elements of the local music scene that make them.

On the 21st of December at 7:30PM, filmmaker Alex Ayre’s second ever feature length film, ‘North East Noise: A Rock ‘n Roll Road Movie with Clippah’ will be digitally premiering. The premier will take place on the official YouTube channel of Clippah, the local rock band of which this film follows.

Formed in rural Northumberland in September 2014, Clippah are a band consisting of five friends who have grown up together since meeting at school and discovering a shared passion for music. They are a self-described rock and roll outfit with a profound love for 90’s grunge riffs, blues, and grit, with an established cult following within the local music scene in which they reside.

You can watch the films’ official trailer, released on the 8th of December 2020 here:

With the release of ‘North East Noise’, Alex Ayre, local documentary maker and member of the band itself, is aiming to provide a personal account following the journey, performances and lives of his band. The film was shot mostly over the course of last year up until the coronavirus pandemic brought about the forced hiatus of live music.

“I realised I could put something together that, hopefully, would mean a whole lot more.”

-Alex Ayre on How ‘North East Noise’ came to be

To create the film, Ayre has used a mix of professional footage, audience phone clips and archive material from organisations such as North East Film Archive. Notably, this is an organisation who Ayre, a winner of a Royal Television Society Award, has worked with previously.

When discussing how this project came to be, Ayre stated: “I initially set out to produce a simple live film for our band using footage captured in 2019. Once I started combing through the hours and hours of content though, I realised I could put something together that, hopefully, would mean a whole lot more.”

The film is reportedly set to serve as an exploration of what it means to grow up in a band and the role a local community plays when it comes to supporting emerging artists. This is seen through appearances from band family members, friends, and other such characters who are deemed by Ayre as essential to the success of smaller local artists such as Clippah themselves.

“A document of live music, right before it was forced to disappear.”

-ALex Ayre

Commenting on the focus and intentions of his most recent project, Ayre stated: “This film focuses on a very small section of the world that is near and dear to me, but ultimately it is a document of live music, right before it was forced to disappear.”

Below you can watch a video of the full-length interview Northern Noise had with Alex Ayre, discussing his upcoming film, it’s inspirations and personal meanings in more depth.

By Josephine Canham

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Local Band, Post Rome Released Their Brand New Single on all Streaming Platforms Today.

Post Rome’s Latest Single, ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ is out Today and is set to be Accompanied With a Livestream Performance Later Tonight.

Today, the 14th of December 2020, marks the day that local North east three piece, Post Rome released their latest single, ‘The Idea of having a Boyfriend’. Accompanying the release of this single, Post Rome will be performing a livestreamed gig at 8PM this evening from Motorhouse Studios, Sunderland, where we can expect to hear the brand new track.

Post Rome are a Sunderland based local three piece who consist of Jasper Watson (Bass/Vocals), Ben Goodfellow (Guitar) and Jamie martin (drums). Today’s release comes as their third release this year, following their two prior singles, ‘Different Kids’ and ‘Want to Believe’.

“Powerful vocals combined with driving percussion, a recipe for success.”

-Pillr Artists

These previous releases have gained support from the likes of BBC Introducing, local station Amazing Radio and ‘Its all Indie’. When commenting on this latest track from Post Rome, North East independent music label, Pillar Artists have stated: “Powerful vocals combined with driving percussion, a recipe for success.”

(left/above) Cover art for the ‘The idea of Having a Boyfriend’ single.

Post Rome are a band that have known each other for a number of years. The trio met at primary school and went on to realise their shared passion for music later in life. Now all in their early twenties, Post Rome have racked up thousands of streams on Spotify and hope that this latest release will see them to even more success.

Commenting on the meaning behind the track, drummer Jamie martin has said: “This is a song that does what is says on the tin. ‘The idea of having a boyfriend’ explores the feelings of people who simply just like having a partner rather than liking the person themselves.”

Despite 2020 seeing the temporary collapse of the live music scene, Post Rome are moving forward with optimism with plans for 2021 shows across Teesside, Sunderland and more corners of the North East.

You can find tickets to tonight’s 8PM livestream here: Motorhouse(skiddle.com)https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/London/Virtual-Event/Motorhouse-Presents-Post-Rome–Support/14013905/

By Josephine Canham

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A Review: Local North East Three-piece Cat Ryan With Their Recent Single, ‘Mary Shelley Song’.

Cat Ryan have a unique and original style that only the truly talented can carry with success.

Mary Shelley song, released on the 25th of November 2020, comes as Cat Ryan’s third release this year. This unique and fascinating track highlights the extent of originality and talent this North East three piece have mastered to continue to elevate themselves higher and higher amongst the local music scene’s finest.

‘Mary Shelley Song’ emanates a certain groove only to be achieved by the wonderful blend of catchy yet jerky riffs, detached vocals and range of tonalities. This is displayed in both the unique lyrical content and array of genre experimentation that creates an unexpectedly perfect melting pot of sounds and styles.

The extent of such experimentation could be argued as too risky for emerging artists, however with Cat Ryan their proven talent, developed continuously since forming in 2017, has evidently granted them the ability to pull off this risk with all the benefits of vivacity and excitement that come with it. This process can be successfully exemplified by other acclaimed and similar artists in the alternative rock and Indie scene such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Wolf Alice.

When discussing the creative process and story making elements of this track, lead singer Mary-Anne Murphey stated that: “[…]despite the title, it’s only the first verse that’s about Mary Shelley. Lyrically it’s quite random, having been inspired by a variety of memories stemming from my time at college studying for my A-Levels.”

This process described by Murphey can clearly be credited to the immense sense of nostalgia this track creates. Whilst Discussing an array personal, disjointed and seemingly random memories, we as the listener are still able to detect the key themes that this track conveys of sentimentality and the range of emotions that often come with it, highlighting lyrical craftmanship and an effortless display of musical ability that can often seem forced in bands at such an early stage of their career.

I look forward to seeing where this band takes themselves into the future, both with their artistic direction and their navigation through the North East music scene and beyond. Hopefully to be one of the key players of the alternative rock, indie and pop spheres.

By Josephine Canham.

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A Review: Sophia with her recent single, ‘Skin’.

‘Skin’ is a pop inspired angelic piece of music, creating much anticipation for Sophia’s future career.

Photo credit: Peter Robinson ‘Eye of the Tyne’

On the 27th of November 2020, North East artist Sophia, released her chilling pop single, ‘Skin’ and its nothing but a signifier of the future success in store for this rising artist.

Sophia has been developing and finessing her sound over the last year, creating her own personal impression on the North East music scene and accumulating a following along the way. This process involved the releasing of five prior tracks to ‘Skin’, which have now all been removed from streaming services. This is since with this latest single, produced by Alfie Cattel (Mood Bay) Sophia has truly raised her own bar, setting a new standard of professionalism in her sound and career.

“We wanted it to be really atmospheric, slightly haunting but warm at the same time and I like to think that we’ve achieved that.”


Working through the modern format of Zoom with Cattel when producing ‘Skin’ has evidently allowed Sophia to fully encapsulate her vocal abilities, this is seen through the use of perfectly fitting and balanced musical elements. However, in the presence of such a professional, clean and crisp sound, this track has not fallen victim to the absence of raw honesty and openness, a common fate for the world of rising pop artists and music. This feeling of sincerity that delicately seeps through the tracks rhythmic beats has been credited to the fact that Sophia was able to work by herself when writing the track, in an environment of safety and expressiveness, free of emotional inhibitions.

When describing the track herself, Sophia states: “We wanted it to be really atmospheric, slightly haunting but warm at the same time and I like to think that we’ve achieved that.”

This sense of atmosphere that Sophia discusses is certainly present throughout the track and likewise in the recently released music video for the song.

‘Skin’ manages to perfectly balance the catchy up-beat elements of a pop record whilst also creating a sense of calm and thoughtfulness, this is through the appealing simplicity of its lyrics that have the ability to resonate universally- all whilst containing a strong sense of the personal and specific.

This track places Sofia artistically amongst pop triumphs such as Dua Lipa and Anne Marie, however there is a softness and authenticity to this track that sets Sofia apart from the typical pop-artist and amongst more experimental vocalists such as Daughter’s Elena Tonra. Sofia’s display of range seen through ‘Skin’ definitely has created anticipation for the future of her musical career, the earliness of which only enhancing this excitement further.

You can download and stream ‘Skin’ here.

By Josephine Canham

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Postponement of Futureheads Gig Marks yet Another Covid Related Disruption to Sage Live 2020.

Futureheads gig postponement highlights yet another hurdle ‘Sage Live 2020’ faces in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sunderland post-punk four piece Futureheads, have recently announced that their upcoming live show from the Sage Gateshead has had to be postponed. The postponement has been confirmed to be as a result of a band member recently contracting Covid-19.

In a post on the bands Instagram, Futureheads stated: “Really disappointed to say that we’re having to postpone our Sage Gateshead live stream show until early 2021 due to one of the band needing to self-isolate.”

The show was seemingly highly anticipated due to the rare, acoustic nature it was set to be performed in. However, ticket holders for the event have been informed to hold on to their tickets due to anticipation of a rescheduled performance to go ahead at some point next year that is yet to be arranged.

Logo for Sage Live 2020, from the Sage Gateshead’s website.

This announcement came following an earlier November announcement that stated the show was to be delivered in the form of an online livestream to audiences at home, instead of an in-person socially distanced live performance. This November rearrangement was also down to Covid-19 related circumstances as it was a result of changes to national restrictions that prevented the mixing of households in an indoor environment.

The exclusive livestreamed acoustic performance was set to go ahead on the 5th of December as part of a series of shows put on by the Sage called ‘Sage live 2020’. This series of shows was originally planned to be a schedule of twice weekly, socially distanced, live, and in-person performances running from the 23rd of October through to December. This project came as a response to Covid-19 restrictions and as an effort to minimalize the disruption and financial damage to the live music scene they have created.

However, following the tightening of such restrictions in light of England’s second national lockdown, the Sage was forced to announce that all future performances would be in the form of a livestream until further notice. In an effort to maintain the goal of financial stability however audiences would be charged at a reduced rate to a regular ticket price to access the online livestream.

Futureheads Instagram post from the 30th of November, announcing the postponement of their show.

In addition to the rescheduling and reformatting of ‘Sage live 2020’ shows, Sage Gateshead has responded to the impact of Covid-19 on the North East music industry by launching a campaign called ‘A Future for Live Music in the North East’.

Part of this campaign includes a Crisis, Recovery and Renaissance Fundraising Campaign with a target of three million pounds. This three million pounds is reportedly, according to the Sage Gateshead official website, the estimated amount that the Sage Gateshead is estimated to lose financially from the varying impacts of Covid 19. Approximately 700,000 pounds of the three million pound target has been raised so far, according to the data graphic below that’s taken from the Sage official website.

You can donate and find out more about this campaign here.

By Josephine Canham.

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